Dip Bread Appetizers

Dip Bread Appetizers

Spice up your bread dipping

You can make your bread dipping really interesting by adding a whole array of different ingredients. You might like it to be a little more spicy and exciting and choose some pesto, balsamic vinegar, spices of black pepper to add extra flavor. With bread dipping you can use your imagination and whatever are your preferences can be added and its fun to try interesting combinations. Add your ingredients to the oil and let them infuse by leaving your blend sit for around a quarter of an hour and the overall flavor will be more intense.

An easier faster way to enhance the flavor of your oil is to prepare your bread dipping sauce the usual way and add your choice of herbs, spices etc. To speed up the process place in the microwave for a few seconds. This will allow the flavors of you ingredients to permeate the oil and has the same effect as if you had let the mixture stand for 15 minutes. This method is perfect for those occasions when you are making your dip from scratch. However, never compromise on the type of oil that you use for your bread dipping dish as an inferior quality or different kind of olive oil will not be suitable, and you will find that the end result is quite inferior.

When you have decided which ingredients to incorporate into your dipping sauce recipes you can prepare batches of them in advance. These can then be stored in a cupboard or pantry or they can be displayed decoratively in your kitchen if decanted into cruet sets. The benefit of having pre-made dipping sauces is that they are always available for you to use for a multitude of recipes and dishes. You can dress salads and vegetables, drizzle over pasta marinade meat, or simply use for bread dipping.

The convenience of bread dipping sauces is that you can prepare a snack or appetizer at very short notice. There are always occasions when visitors suddenly turn up, or your family is looking for something quick to eat to satisfy them. You could always have some fresh vegetables prepared in the refrigerator ready to be served with your dipping oil or simply slice or cube some bread and serve with your dipping oil as a fast snack for your children or if having guests, an appetizer that can be prepared in minutes.

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