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Olive Oil In Your Diet

Throughout history olive oil has been found benevolent in the Mediterranean diet. Now many restaurants serve olive oil on the table with oil and vinegar cruets.

Because of the saturated fat content and taste, many dislike olive oil. A great plus is that there is no cholesterol in olive oil. A Mediterranean diet based on olive oil, has been favored by health advocates. Since there are different preferences, you should aim to find one that you like. Extra virgin olive oil is most beneficial.

Olive oil contains beneficial ingredients for the heart such as, monounsaturated fat and other ingredients. Olive oil nutrients reduce risk of colon and breast cancer, improve gall bladder function, help prevent cardiovascular disease, and even treat arthritis. Fats in olive oil make up for diets lacking fatty acids found in low-fat diets or poor eating habits.

Other benefits of olive oil are more flexible arteries, which prevents heart disease, and more energy. Toxic materials are unable to affect genetic materials when olive oil is added to the diet.

Linoleic acid, or omega 6, and alpha-linoleum acid, or omega 3, are both beneficial fatty acids found in olive oil. The amounts of fats found in olive oil vary in type and percentage. Oleic acid, or omega 9, is an unnecessary fatty acid that accounts for almost 75 percent of fats in olive oil. Palmitoleic acid, or omega 7, accounts for 10 percent of fatty acids. Olive oil protects arteries rather that harming them by protecting stems against anti-oxidant ingredients such as tyrosol and hydroxitrosol. These are phenolic compounds which can have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Olive oil also contains beta-carotene and tocopherols which are anti-oxidants from the vitamin E group. The oil gets its color from chlorophyll, which contains lots of magnesium and can be found in olive oil. Many people with cardiovascular disease are deficient in magnesium.

Olive oil contains Squalene, an agent of phytosterols that prevents cholesterol absorption from foods. It also brings oxygen to the tissues. Squalene reduces scars, prevents atherosclerosis, and helps dilate blood vessels, which increases heart activity.

  • Olive oils should be included in your diet to achieve all of these health benefits.
  • Olive oil can bring out natural beauty.
  • Olive oil can have healing effects on chapped lips, dry hair, and skin.

If a small amount of olive oil is applied to the lips before bed it can prevent chapped lips. Any other dry part of the body can be soothed by olive oil. A nice soak in the tub is created when ¼ cup of olive oil and lavender is added to a bath. Add a few tablespoons to your hair and cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes for a soothing treat.

You can easily experience olive oils benefits by using it in day-to-day cooking. Olive oil can work as an anti-aging agent. Just use olive oil on nails, hair, and skin to be naturally beautiful.


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