Dip Bread Appetizers

Dip Bread Appetizers

Storing And Stir Frying Olive Oils

Originating in the east, stir frying is now not only popular in oriental cookery; it is popular all over the globe. Especially in the United States were obesity is prevalent, people have been searching for a method to cook that is healthier, and a way to make even vegetables taste great. To stir fry, you will use a pan that is conical or a traditional wok, and when using a metal ring, you will require a support to ensure your pan stays in place. This excellent method for cooking anything from meat to vegetables is quick, healthy, and simple.

Stir frying is healthier than other methods of cooking as you only require a small amount of olive oil. You can combine some stock or soy sauce to your stock to create excellent dishes, fish sauce from Thailand being a firm favorite. Extra virgin olive oil, as well as seasoning with vinegar, garlic, or ginger is also popular ways to stir fry and create delicious results. When stir frying, ensure that your meat or vegetables are cut into thin pieces, and that they are all the same size. The food will then be cooked in batches, to ensure that all the food is cooked evenly and sufficiently.

Oils that are used for cooking need to be kept away from direct sunlight and heat if you wish to preserve them properly. The best place to actually store your oil is actually in a dark cupboard as opposed to next to your stove. If you wish to use your own container for storing oil, porcelain, steel, or stained glass are the best, once again protecting the oil from sunlight. Oils should never be stored in plastic containers, and certain metals will cause an adverse reaction. Finally, fine oils such as hazelnut and walnut are best kept chilled.

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