Dip Bread Appetizers

Dip Bread Appetizers

Flavors of Tuscany

Over the past twenty years or so, Americans have developed an overwhelming appetite for Italian olive oil. We are increasingly interested in Italian foods and traditions. The addition of olive oil to our dinner tables could likely be attributed to the studies proving olive oil a healthy alternative to our traditionally used saturated fats such as butter and lard. For more than six thousand years, olive oil has been used in Mediterranean cooking. The unique flavors and aromas of olive oil have been enjoyed by Mediterranean people for thousands of years.  

Bread, wine, and olive oil are considered by most to be the center of Italian cuisine and all are taken very seriously by the Italians. Olive oil is found in kitchens and on dinner tables across Italy. While used to prepare every Italian meal, olive oil is also used to top salads, put on bread, and in soups. It is considered to be a gift from God.

There are 20 different regions and each has their own varieties and distinct flavors of foods. Traveling just an hour from one province to the next, you would find food that distinctly sets it apart from the other.

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