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The Uses of Olive Oil

Olive Oil and its many uses

The olive tree has long been a symbol of peace. When Noah sent the dove from the arc for proof that the waters were dissipating, the dove returned with an olive branch. Olive leaves were also used to crown the victors in the Olympic games. There were even olive leaves found in King Tut’s Tomb.

There are many health benefits of using olive oil in your everyday recipes. Known to lessen your chances of having a heart attack and reducing your cholesterol, olive oil has recently been substituted in the kitchens as a healthy alternative to saturated fats. Olive oil has the antioxidant “hydroxytyrosol” which will slow the aging of bodily tissues. It has even been discovered that olive oil contains a natural anti-inflammatory. It is no wonder that the Mediterranean
people, who have consumed olive oil as a regular part of their diet for ages, have low rates of coronary disease.

Although olive oil is known as an ingredient for cooking, there are countless medicinal uses of olive oil having not involving a recipe. Olive oil rubbed on the body can relive dry skin, moisten cuticles, and relieve chapped lips. You can rid your child of lice by allowing olive oil sit in their hair for a bit and then washing it out. Olive oil can also relieve a scratchy throat or a baby’s diaper rash.

Olive oil also has many uses in the home. It can be substituted as a polish for dusting or polishing stainless steal. Lubricating your mechanics tools, gardening tools, or even cooking utensils makes for easy clean up after a messy job. It can be used as a lubricant on anything that squeaks.

The uses for olive oil are countless. Experimentation and possibly necessity or even curiosity has led to uses you would never even think of for this edible oil. Olive oil has tried its hand at just about any purpose that you would think of for a cooking oil or lubricant. Not surprisingly, the list continues to grow. Advances in technology and testing have led us to the awareness that this oil is not only amazingly versatile but has health benefits that no other oil has compared.

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