Dip Bread Appetizers

Dip Bread Appetizers

The health benefits of olive oil

Evidence of the health benefits of olive oil date back to the 13th century and Doctor Arnau de Vilanova, a physician to a royal Catalan household understood that use of olive oil in the daily diet played an important part in maintaining a healthy body. About 700 years later Dr Ancel Keys MD stated that a Mediterranean diet which included olive oil actually was beneficial in the prevention of coronary illness.

The evidence resulting from modern research bears testimony to the fact that a Mediterranean diet is good for you, and that is something that generations of families in the Mediterranean countries have always maintained.

Exponents of the Mediterranean diet, like Dr. Keyes concluded that people in the Mediterranean had a lower incidence of coronary diseases, including high blood pressure, heart attack and damage to the arteries, and better cholesterol levels, than in some other countries where the pace of life is frenetic and has resulted in poor cardiovascular health.

Since then future studies have deduced that olive oil can also have a positive impact on the occurrence of cancer diabetes and digestion. The results of such research were very encouraging and a further study suggests that a daily intake of two tablespoons of olive oil will allow you to feel the same health benefits as those who live in the Mediterranean, and by making it part of your daily life should not be difficult.

Using olive oil as part of a healthy eating diet

Olive oil can be substituted for most other fats that are commonly used. For example, instead of using butter in sandwiches you can use pour a little on your bread for a delicious snack, or always drizzling a little over salads and vegetables.

In every Mediterranean country the inhabitants enjoy their own individual variations of the satisfying snack of bread and olive oil. In the Catalan region one simple and delicious dish that is enjoyed on a daily basis is bruschetta. All that is required is fresh tomatoes and some wholesome bread.

Catalan bruschetta is made very easily. You will need a ripe tomato, some fresh bread that has been sliced, extra virgin olive oil and a little salt. First cut across the fresh tomato and use each piece to rub into your slices of bread, on one side only. Next just pour and thin stream of olive oil onto your tomato bread and then season with a little salt.

If you want to make your bruschetta more interesting you can add all kinds of toppings such as anchovies, figs, olives, cheese, ham, tuna or even an omelette.You might even be adventurous to try a sweet and sour variation with chocolate. Unusual but actually tastes terrific.

You can add olive oil in its raw state to a variety of other dishes, salads, sauces, dressings and soups. Look at recipes for sopa de farigola and romesco sauces for inspiration.

Adopting the Mediterranean diet in its entirety has been proven to be a really healthy choice for so many reasons. Use olive oil but make sure that you include all the other tasty aspects of this fantastic way of eating for health and flavour.

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